We live in a digital age, but to deliver a digital only product is not serving you, our faithful customer. We provide the highest quality of service, offer superb printed products that will last for generations, and do it at a fair price. We don't play games with the clock or outfit changes because that perfect photo could be in the next minute or around that next rock. We are here to serve you, what are your seven wishes?




We offer services for High School and College Seniors as well as families. Our base cost comes with a Social Media USB drive of all of your day's photos. But the service continues with either a remote viewing session or a live in studio viewing session to help pick the wall art and or albums you want to display your beautiful images.

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Elopements and Weddings start with a base cost of one photographer for your event. We arrive with professional equipment and dressed appropriately for your event. From capturing those once in a lifetime moments to the great escape, we will be by your side. We will then arrange a time to virtually work on your wedding album or schedule a time in our studio. The starting package comes with a social media USB drive of all of the days photos.

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Our unassuming barn has been in the Laymon family for two generations. Originally the maintenance center for Laymon Trucking it has been transformed into a cozy photographers paradise with a gas fireplace, changing rooms, and a well appointed viewing room. If you look closely, you can see signs of it's utilitarian past, but it's future is very bright. We are able to photograph the simplest head shot to large families.

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Wedding & Portrait Photographer Based in eastern tennessee

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a photo session last?

Senior and general portrait sessions usually last 1 to 4 hours depending on the client. Weddings are considered all day events, even if the plan is for quick elopement session, we would never want to rush such an important day.

When do I get to see my images?

General portrait sessions and Seniors are ready the next day or two. Weddings might take a little longer due to the volume of images. We want you to have those social media files as soon as possible, but we also want you to pick the photos you want for your wedding or senior album, because that will wow your friends and family much more than looking at images on your phone. So plan some time after your session to view and pick your photos.

Do you offer albums?

Dave's parents were married in 1969 and it was their wedding album that made him want to become a wedding photographer. Today's albums are superior in their craftsmanship and quality. The finest leather, the sharpest printers and the boldest of colors. Prepare to be amazed at all of the choices we can offer to all of our clients not just wedding.

What do I wear for our portrait session?

Depending on the occasion. For traditional portrait sessions wear comfortable outfits that have solid colors or simple patterns. A good rule of thumb of colors in the rainbow. Yellows, blues, whites and reds are usually good choices no matter what time of year you are being photographed.


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