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I started my photography career as a 7 year old with his first point and shoot Kodak Disc camera (I still have it). I never really considered photography as a career until I became "that Dad" who was always on the sideline taking pictures of my two kids in the marching band. I was asked frequently to shoot senior portraits of mostly band kids, after watching a few YouTube videos I jumped in with both feet. That led to paying jobs, which led to better equipment, which led to even better jobs. I never intended to become a portrait photographer, in fact I wanted to fly airliners, but after a few short years I found that I love doing it, and in 2018 officially went legit starting Seven Wishes Photography, LLC.

As I look back on my life I see that this passion has always been there. There are thousands of photos of my friends and family, but few of me, because I was always behind the camera. But this journey would have never been possible without the caring support of my beautiful bride. Shannon is my biggest cheer leader, my best friend, my closest ally, and she's pretty hot too. I am a blessed man.


Many years ago I picked up a phrase that I try to live my life by, "How may I serve?" If you are considering hiring a wedding photographer, even if you don't pick us, look for one that has a servant's heart. One that wants the absolute best for you, not just your money. We are not the cheapest service in town, because honestly we have bills to pay, but we will always put the customer's best interest before our own.


So, How may we serve?

Jessi Quillen Photographer


"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in
love with these people." ~ Annie Leibovitz


As a portrait and lifestyle photographer my passion lies in capturing
those authentic memories that my clients will treasure forever! The
first goal is to create a fun and comfortable environment, this sets
the stage to acquire authentic photographs. As a result, the images
are more candid, carefree, and genuine. For me, photography is more
about the process and not just the end result. Hiring a professional
photographer means you will receive quality photos AND have a great
time taking them!


In 2020 I graduated from Carson-Newman University with a Bachelor's
Degree in photography.


I was born and raised in East Tennessee and have grown to love my Smoky
Mountains immensely! Photography is truly my life passion and it's an
honor for me to be able to share this passion with you! I can't wait
to capture your milestones and create more memories!!


2208 Catlett Dr.

Sevierville, TN 37876




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